The Nua Audaç is one of our favourite models, and also one of our most popular. Kitted out from head to foot with top quality components, it’s a bike which can do it all: from your daily commute to weekend excursions and light touring. It rolls equally well on asphalt or gravel, and will even venture into the mountains without turning a whisker. And it’s practically zero-maintenance, which means you can clock up the kilometres without a worry in the world.

This particular build, ordered by Mr. Baumann from Switzerland, is especially good looking, we think, and just goes to show that a practical and fully equipped bicycle can also be a beauty to behold:



The transmission is composed of a super silent 11-speed Shimano Alfine internal gear hub, (or with the option of an 8-speed Alfine or a 14-speed Rohloff), and a Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt drive. An oil change every 10,000 km and a replacement belt every 20,000 or 30,000 is all it needs in the way of maintenance.





The lights are perfectly integrated, and powered by a Shimano Alfine (or Shutter Precision) front hub dynamo, so they’re super bright with no need for batteries.







Hydraulic disc brakes by Shimano are a given, along with other superb quality components such as a Thomson seatpost and stem, a Brooks saddle and grips, a Tubus rack for side panniers, a titanium handlebar, and Curana mudguards with a Busch & Müller integrated tail light.







In a nutshell, a bike that’s versatile, long lasting, and elegant. Perhaps the only bike you’ll need for the next few decades.



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Safe and happy cycling!










Tom got in touch with us to ask us to make him a special bike. One which would be with him for the rest of his life. A bike he could enjoy on a daily basis, but which he could also use at weekends and on family holidays. This was the result:



Tom wanted as clean and simple a look as possible, so we used our complete Nua titanium set: seat post, stem, and handlebar, in addition, of course, to our Ti-CORE frame and titanium fork.



We decided to install a Shimano Alfine 8 IGH, ideal for the terrain Tom plans to use his bike on.



Among Tom’s priorities was an integrated lighting system. He wanted something discreet and maintenance free, so we went – once again – with the Supernova E3 system, minimalist and always reliable.
We were feeling creative, so this time we installed the tail light directly on the mudguard, using a special little bracket we made for the occasion.



To power these lights we decided to use the new Alfine hub dynamo, much smaller and lighter than its predecessor. To complete the trinity, we installed an Alfine crankset as well.




Tom’s Nua will primarily be ridden on city streets, but will occasionally be required to tackle a dirt track or a forest path alongside a river, for example. With this in mind, we chose Compass Barlow Pass 38-622 tyres, one of the best options out there for this kind of hybrid use. The super-supple casing makes them a delight to ride on any surface.



And their tan walls go beautifully with the honey brown leather of the Brooks saddle and grips. The saddle has a copper frame, the sight of which led us first to swoon with copper love, and then to install a gorgeous (and lovely sounding) copper bell by the Japanese firm Crane, and also to paint the covers of the hydraulic disc brake levers to match.



This bike has taken time to build, but it’s been worth it! We hope that Tom will enjoy his Nua for many years to come, as he rides it along the streets and woodland ways of his native Austria.



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Safe and happy cycling.